The HADES créations team includes serious numismatists and connoisseurs in other fields of collecting, drawn together by a love of true excellence in design and manufacture and widely travelled throughout Europe and further a field.

During their travel they became aware that there no truly excellent coin cabinet on the market, ones witch combined security with flexibility in content visual appeal and practicality, to meet the needs of serious collectors and professional numismatists, and ours are protected by patents.

The range of trays enables coins of widely differing sizes to be stored, from Roman denarii to large European silver ecus.

The HADES créations range has now grown from its numismatic origins, and can meet the needs of other collectors and connoisseurs in other fields, such as antique jewellery and antique artefacts, and we have not overlooked card players and table games enthusiasts, for whom we can supply cabinets to hold packs of cards, counters and score cards to enhance the players’ pleasure.